Our website development plans provide great value. We are confident you can see that too. But you must be wondering, what is the catch? Well, there is no catch. There are a few things that you should consider but we are not trying to trick you into signing up with us. We are going to be very clear and transparent about what you will get in the packages and what you wouldn’t and need to pay extra.

Q: Would you get a functional website for the package price?

Absolutely, You will get a fully functional, live website with a customised design using the WordPress CMS platform. You will be able to set up your email using your domain, type in your website URL on your browser and it will show up. We will design the look and feel after we spend a considerable amount of time with you to understand your business. We will make sure your customers or potential customers get what they would be looking for when they come to your website.

Q: So, what is not included?

We understand that for most people, website development, search engine optimisation, graphic design, WordPress, CMS etc are technical jargon. You don’t understand them totally and are always worried when you see a good deal.

So to keep things simple for you, we will be explaining things in the layman terms to reduce confusion.

Website Content:

This is the most misunderstood component of any website development projects. So what is website content? Website content is all the details about your business, the products and services you sell/offer. confusion.

Content is, no doubt, the single most important factor for the success of a website. Imagine, you have a very modern and stylish website but it fails to convey the message to your visitors because the text and images are not articulating your products and services. Does this serve the purpose for you? NO, it doesn’t. If your content is not great, no matter how nice the website is designed and built, you would not get the desired outcome.

Producing quality content would require a strong knowledge of the business and services you provide. It does also require a very specific skill set, which is different from web design and development.

Now that you understand a bit about website content, let’s get to the options.

We offer two choices to our clients.

Choice 1: You provide us with the content:

Cost: Included in the package price – no extra cost.

Step 1: We design the look and feel of the website based on your business needs after consulting with you. You approve the design and then we develop (code) it using dummy content.
Step 2: You provide us with the content.
Step 3: We replace the dummy content with what you have provided us.t.

Choice 2: We do the whole thing for you.

The cost will vary depending on your business. We can discuss this when we have our initial discussion session.

Ok, let us cover some other basics:.

Domain Name:
You will need to buy a domain name (www.yourbusiness.com.au), in case you haven’t got it already. Luckily, it is a very small amount – approximately $29 +GST per year. Note: you will need to provide us with a valid ABNotential customers get what they would be looking for when they come to your website.

This is needed to store the website’s files and content – basically it’s the database for the website. You will need to let us do the hosting for you if you want to go with the monthly instalment payment. This is to safeguard us in case after the website is live, you move your hosting to some other provider and we will be left without the rest of the payment. The cost is again quite small – between $120 to $300 plus GST per year.

Search Engine Optimisation:
We will install the necessary technology as part of the package. We would recommend, to give your business the best chance of long-term success, have an ongoing SEO strategy. We can talk about this in our strategy session. But note, your website will work fine without the SEO strategy. SEO will help your website rank on Google and get a ton of customers to your site organically.ear.

Google and Facebook Advertising:
The platform will be ready for you to do all kinds of advertising. You can do the advertisement of your business yourself or engage us. This is outside of website development activities.

Site maintenance:
We build sites on WordPress platform, which is the most user-friendly platform. It is also used for over 90% of the website on the web. But it needs to be kept up to date and error free. You may also need to update plugins, site content and manage server performance. You can choose to do it all these by yourself. These are all ongoing maintenance tasks. You can expect to pay between $150 to $300 per month if you choose to go with us to do this for you.


No problem. Please leave your number. One of our experienced consultants will  call you asap. You can discuss your business needs without committing to anything.

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